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Non-exhaustive list of plant varieties with a direct seeding method

Before / After (Seed)


In the case of a transplant of a young plant bought in a planter, you can use RAINCATCHER in its gel form to ensure its recovery in the open air or in a greenhouse.

  • Mix the crystals of RAINCATCHER with water in a proportion of 10 g for 2 liters of water (temperature 35 to 40 ° for 45-60 min) to allow to obtain a saturated gel.
  • Insert this gel at the bottom of the hole dug to receive the plant whose depth is greater than the height of the root ball covering its roots.

The gel-to-soil ratio should be about 1 to 5. If the plant has tuberous roots, it is possible to mix the soil with the gel before applying it under and around the root ball.