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Raincatcher Performances

The different RAINCATCHER formulas and their effects on plant growth.

Dissociated watering and growth

An experiment was conducted in summer 2019 on 60 young green pepper plants to measure the effect of 3 grams of RAINCATCHER crystals (RC “H”, RC BLUE and RC GREEN) applied on these depending on the irrigation provided.

For 2 months at an average temperature of 25 °, we added 0 to 100 ml of water daily to individuals with water stress. The choice was made every day visually by looking at the leaves of the different samples.

Providing water during water stress allows the plant to grow at a contained rate, much like a person who diets. The quantities of water supplied with this dissociated watering were not sufficient to saturate the gels of the different recipes but the aim was to measure the ratio "restricted watering / growth" in ml / cm and thus the retentive efficiency of the different formulas and their nutrients in a dry and constraining climate.

Diagram #1: Growth vs. Watering

The results show that RC BLUE has the best “restricted watering / growth” ratio. Its growth activators have therefore favored a better growth of green pepper plants. The RC "H", which has a better absorption capacity, consumed about the same amount of water but could not reveal its hydro-retentive plus value under an average heat of 25 °.

The RC GREEN showed a faster initial development, which is its characteristic, then was caught up by the RC "H" and RC BLUE.

All tested RAINCATCHER formulations showed a doubling of growth compared to control pepper plants.

Dissociated watering with saturated gel

In this experiment, we measured the water savings induced by saturated gels according to the different formulas. After applying 3 grams of RAINCATCHER Crystals, we provided abundant watering to all green pepper plants for a week to ensure maximum saturation of the RAINCATCHER. Then, we watered the plants for 1 month according to their water stress that we detected visually and according to their speed of development to ensure that the proportion of growth is preserved in all individuals. In other words, we measured the size of the peppers at regular intervals, and those who grew less quickly received more water to "catch up" with their neighbors who were growing better. We made sure that after one month, all the individuals take the same number of centimeters. At the end, we measured the quantity of water brought to each individual to obtain this uniform growth result and deduced the watering savings generated.

In the following table, we appreciate the evolution of the growth in centimeters of each plant as well as the water that has been brought. 

Dans le tableau suivant, nous apprécions l’évolution de la croissance en centimètres de chaque plante ainsi que l’eau qui a été apportée. 

Diagram #2: Quantity of water applied for a growth of 13 cm

For the same ratio of growth of 13 centimeters, it has been saved between 25% and 45% of water by using RC GREEN or BLUE or “H”.

Diagram #3: Water requirement ml/cm for 3 g

Concerning the curves of evolutions of the gains of sizes, we notice that for a dose of 3g, the different recipes begins to act after a certain time since there is a general inflection of the curves after one to two weeks.

Diagram #4: Size gains

It is therefore necessary to saturate the gel before you can count on real water savings. We recommend a constant water supply during the first 10 days following the application of RAINCATCHER in crystals. After that period, it will be possible to halve the watering.

It is also possible to apply RAINCATCHER already prepared in its gel form to avoid this 10-day latency period, refer to the "User's Guide" section. 

Drought resistance

An experiment was conducted to observe the effects of an irrigation shutdown on green pepper plants.

Mort subite

This experience only confirms the effectiveness of a water supply applied directly to the roots to withstand a hard drought.

Dry leaves Dead plant
Control 3 days 6 days
RC « H » 3g 8 days 15 days
RC5 BLUE 3 g 7 days 15 days
RC GREEN 3g 5 days 9 days

RC BLUE and RC "H" allow plants to withstand 2 times longer a drought period or in other words, reduces irrigation twice to achieve the same result.