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Bag 25 kg

The 25 kg bag is composed of a thermo-welded plastic inner container. The top layer of the bag is sewn.

It contains 25 kg of either: RAINCATCHER BLUE, GREEN, "H" or DEW.

This product is ideal for professional use as a hectare spread (between 15 and 100 kg depending on the type of soil, climate and type of crop), or the treatment of a large area such as a golf course or a park landscaping.

RAINCATCHER comes in a range of 4 products:

Raincatcher Blue


This recipe is a compound of different molecules combining hydrogel, a nitrogen accelerator and nutrient inputs.

Its use is preferred for warm climates and / or plants with a high need for irrigation.

Raincatcher Green


Compared to RAINCATCHER BLUE, this recipe contains added growth accelerator but a little less water retaining function. It is ideal for pre-transplant, germination and seed sprout trays for most plants. We recommend it in countries with temperate climates or for plants with normal water requirements.

Raincatcher « H »


This product is intended for regions with arid climates where drought problems are recurrent.

Raincatcher Dew


This product is intended for hot climates with high relative humidity and is formulated to capture the morning dew to maintain it for several hours on green spaces.

All our products are subject to non-toxicity tests and hold all the necessary certificates.