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Our formula RAINCATCHER is a water retention growth accelerator derived from a newly developed, secret, French technology. 

The RAINCATCHER range is divided into four products: RC BLUE, RC GREEN, RC "H" and RC DEW. Each product offers a different solution depending on the preferred effect (super growth, water saving, germination, transplantation and certain other revolutionary techniques) and whose dosage and application can be adjusted to the particular demands of different environments (crop, soil, climate). 

RAINCATCHER is produced in the form of white crystals that are composed of several organic, natural and non-toxic nutrients. 

When applied, either under the roots of an individual plant, or after treatment over several hectares, the crystals will absorb rain or irrigation water and expand to more than 300 times their original size taking the form of nodules of gels. 

How it works

These nodules have the effect of retaining the relative humidity in the soil and naturally attracting the roots of the plant which will come and settle there and grow. The powder - gel cycle is reversible and works for a period of 3 to 5 years before degrading naturally and harmlessly into the soil. Thus, from the initial application the plants will be supplied with water continuously for up to 5 years, reducing water stress during this period, enabling optimal development and giving the benefit of harvested flowers, fruits or vegetables.

For an example of use: application of the order of 1 to 2g for a houseplant, 3g for a tomato plant or for similar vegetables, 50g for a young tree, 200g of crystals for 1m3 of soil or even 25 kg for one hectare cultivated. The PH of RAINCATCHER is neutral, so it does not change the characteristics of the soil, and because of its physical characteristics, RAINCATCHER contributes to the aeration of the& earth and can help provide reconstitution following intensive agriculture.

You can find the growth effects and general results in the "Experiences" section and the application areas in the "User Guide" section.

This patented formula has all the necessary certificates established by the international network of SGS laboratories 

  • CoA: Certificate of Analysis 
  • CoNT: Certificate of Non Toxicity (analysis of tests done on Cucumbers grown with RAINCATCHER + biodegradability) 
  • MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet 

RAINCATCHER, if applied at the same time as a fertilizer, will capture the latter during the formation of nodules and thus allow a saving in fertilizer estimated at up to 30%. 

Based on initial tests, depending on the environment, RAINCATCHER will bring a  possible doubling of production of vegetables and saving of up to 50% of water during production.